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Free ACA Marketing Built For Agents And Brokers

Free ACA Marketing Built For Agents And Brokers

Insure University Free ACA Website/Landing Page For Agents And Brokers

Check out the free website options available to BenaVest agents

Get a FREE website for selling ACA. This site comes sales-ready, so once you get your page, you can start marketing all over the internet. The site is SEO Friendly and you will possibly rank on page one of Google, depending on your area and competition. These pages get regular updates to optimize local search engine rankings.

Introducing The New Agent Back-Office

Check out the new agent portal where you can get access to all BenaVest resources

Free Local SEO Services For Agents

BenaVest will list your office on their website and their other partner listing sites resulting in more free foot traffic to your office.
Additionally, we can list your office on google for maximum exposure. If you are an Independent Agent that works from home, we can list you as a professional service provider in your area FOR FREE.

Free Client ACA Marketing Advertisements For Internet Promotion

Top Tier ACA Email Templates For Agents And Brokers

Take advantage of our Free ACA email templates with Amazing sales content and visuals to help turn potential customers into clients.

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ACA Marketing FAQs

We have all of your questions answered before you ask them

Do I need to be licensed In The State they’re Marketing In?

CORRECT, you need to be licensed AND also appointed with the carrier in that state (lots of agents buy the license but do not do the contracting in the new state– if you get a new state, you should always send us an email to office@benavest.com with the license info, even if it is multiple states). For the resident states, you have to take an exam and go through a process. For non-resident states, you just purchase the license.

For CMS certification, can it be done elsewhere or through Benavest only?

For CMS certification, go to portal.cms.gov (agent government site). Certification opens up around July or August for the new plan year. When it opens up this year, it will be for the plan year 2024 or the Open Enrollment Period 2024 (OEP 2024). It is effective for plans written during Open Enrollment with a 2024 effective date (1/1/2024 effective date plans and forward through 2024). CMS certification is free.

Insure University Agency Builder Program For Agents And Brokers

Check out the agency builder! It is equipped with Free email templates, training, and advertisements to help you build a downline and earn extra commissions.

Free Personal Landing Page

The Agency Builder Program provides a landing page to show agents all the benefits you can offer them. This page includes a contracting form and a training webinar registration that links directly to you.

Free Advertisements

We provide free advertisement packs for internet marketing. Our eye-catching ad creatives will help you convert more agents online.

Free Email Templates

We have Free Email templates designed to attract and convert agents. These templates also include product training.