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Annuity Contracting For Agents And Brokers For Top Carriers

Annuity Contracting

Boost your career and income with Annuity Carrier Contracting at Insure University by Benavest. Our educational platform offers comprehensive training for successful partnerships with top annuity carriers. We give you the tools and insights to excel in the annuity market, helping you secure lucrative contracts and offer diverse solutions to clients. Elevate your career and earnings in the annuity space with us.

Group Annuity

We’re committed to empowering agents to excel in the expanding Group Annuity market. Our advanced educational platform delivers specialized training courses that delve into the intricate aspects of Group Annuity contracts, from underwriting to client consultation. We equip you with the industry-leading tools, up-to-date market analytics, and expert guidance necessary for successful collaborations with top Group Annuity providers. Partner with us to unlock new avenues for revenue and provide comprehensive annuity solutions to your clientele, all while staying ahead in this rapidly evolving market segment.


Annuity Carrier Trainings

We’re your main source for learning about annuities, helping you succeed in the annuity business. Our easy-to-use online courses break down all the complicated parts of annuities, how to work with carriers, and how to get contracts. We keep our courses updated so you always know the latest rules and trends. By joining us, you’ll get the skills and paperwork you need to work well with big annuity companies, helping you earn more money. Become a top annuity agent with our help.

Annuity Commisions 

Step into the future of annuity commissions with InsureUniversity by Benavest. Unlike traditional agent platforms, we offer a uniquely transparent and high-yield commission structure for annuities that sets you up for financial success. Don’t leave money on the table; leverage our cutting edge technology, exclusive carrier relationships, and specialized training to maximize your earnings from annuity sales. If you’re serious about taking your annuity business to the next level, InsureUniversity is your gateway to untapped potential.

Annuity Plans

Our platform streamlines the contracting process with top annuity carriers, helping you maximize your earning potential. With InsureUniversity, you gain access to industry leading training, cutting edge technology, and a rewarding commission structure. We equip you with the insights, tools, and support you need to navigate the complex but lucrative world of annuity plans. Diversify your portfolio, better serve your clients, and elevate your career. 

Please Choose The Carrier You Are Most Interested In.

We offer the top Life carriers so that you can provide the best plans and programs to your clients. All the Life carriers are listed down below, choose one to start your contracting journey.

AIG contracting
american national contracting
Assurity contracting
the baltimore life contracting
EquiTrust contracting
Foresters contracting
John Hancock contracting
Great Western contracting
National Life Group contracting
Great Western contracting
Prosperity contracting
Royal Neighbors contracting
Foresters contracting
American Amicable contracting
Americo Contracting
Athene contracting
Athene contracting
Athene contracting
Gerber contracting
Foresters contracting
Mutual of Omaha Contracting
Nationwide contracting
Oxford contracting
Protective contracting
Sagicor contracting
Silac Insurance Logo
Great Western contracting
Anthem contracting
Ameritas contracting
Atlantic Coast life contracting
Columbus Life Logo
Foresters contracting
Great Western contracting
Great Western contracting
Nassau Re contracting
National western contracting
National western contracting
Royal Arcanum contracting
Security National contracting
Transamerica Contracting


Q1: How Do Annuities Impact Retirement Benefits?

Annuities can act as a supplement to other retirement benefits like Social Security or employer-sponsored pensions. They offer a level of flexibility and control, as you can decide the payment size and schedule. By adding an annuity to your retirement planning mix, you gain an additional, often guaranteed, income source that can make your financial life in retirement more comfortable and secure.


Q2: What Role Do Insurance Companies Play in Annuities?

Insurance companies are pivotal in the annuity landscape as they are the entities issuing these contracts. They manage the capital invested in the annuities and are responsible for the regular income payments to the annuitant. Given their crucial role, it is imperative to choose an insurance company with strong financial ratings and a solid reputation for customer service and transparency.

Q3: What is an Individual Annuity?

An individual annuity is an insurance contract between a single policyholder and an insurance company. Individual annuities are personalized and can be tailored to fit the specific financial goals and retirement needs of the purchaser. This is in contrast to group annuities, which are often standardized to fit the requirements of a larger group. Individual annuities offer a wide range of options, including various payment and withdrawal schedules, providing a more customizable approach to retirement planning.

Q4: How Can Annuities Contribute to Financial Security?

Annuities play a critical role in providing financial security, especially during retirement. Because they offer a stable income stream, they act as a safety net, helping to ensure that you don’t outlive your savings. Whether it’s covering daily living expenses or providing extra income for travel and leisure, annuities can fill in the gaps where other retirement income sources like Social Security or pensions may fall short.