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Annuity Lead Options For Agents & Brokers

Annuity Lead Options For Agents & Brokers

Annuity Lead Program For Agents And Brokers

Check out the lead options available to BenaVest agents.


Many of our agents are making HUGE SALES in their Annuity markets with the help of our leads. Try using our NEW client-mailed lead generation system so you can maximize your time by SELLING, not prospecting.

  • Stop Paying Too Much For Leads ($460 for 1000 mailers, $1380 for 3,000 mailers, or $2300 for 5,000 mailers).
  • Get High Quality Leads Consistently (2.5% Return Currently)
  • Earn Top Commissions (Not those reduced commissions for lead contracts).
  • Do Business with Top Carriers that Issue Your Business – “Fast!”.
  • Includes list, printing, mail handling, and all postage. You should start receiving responses in approximately 2 weeks.

Introducing The New Agent Back-Office

Check out the new agent portal where you can get access to all BenaVest resources