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Direct Enrollment Health Sherpa Platform

Process unlimited ACA enrollments through the direct enrollment platform used by BenaVest.

Process All Your ACA Enrollments Using This Direct Enrollment Platform

This platform is used by top-producing BenaVest agents for ACA enrollments.

Powerful Shopping Tools…

Fast, accurate quoting with subsidy estimation.
Compare plans from all the carriers in your area.
Provider and prescription search.

Super Fast Applications…

Our redesigned application is faster than ever.
No client identity proofing or account login.
Pre-filled renewal apps.
All synced to Healthcare.gov

What is EDE?

An EDE is Enhanced Direct Enrollment which is a very fast technology that simplifies the enrollment process for agents without ever needing to visit Healthcare.gov

Fast & Automatic

You will never need to be redirected to Healthcare.gov & Pre-populated renewal applications.

Quote AND Enroll

With HealthSherpa you can quote and enroll all in the same site. No need to have multiple windows open at the same time!


Track client activity, maintain consumer relationship and access to customer support all year round!

HealthSherpa has many benefits…

HealthSherpa is a very capable tool that we recommend all of our agents use. They are partnered with Healthcare.gov so they are extremely dependable. Best of all their tools and online support are free!

Setting up your account is easy…

HealthSherpa made this video to show you just how to do that.

Contract With BenaVest ACA

BenaVest provides all the best carriers nationally. We will help you contract with the most competitive carriers in your area.