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Life Contracting For Agents And Brokers For Top Carriers

 Life Contracting


Unlock career growth with Life Agent Contracting at InsureUniversity by Benavest. We streamline contracting with top life insurance carriers, so you can focus on sales. Benefit from advanced tech, personalized support, and a rewarding commission structure. Our exclusive training and sales tools set you up for success in a competitive market. Be more than just an agent; become a successful life insurance entrepreneur.


How to Contract with Multiple Life Insurance Companies

 We offer specialized training modules on how to contract with multiple life Insurance companies, empowering agents to diversify their portfolios and maximize earning potential. Our state-of-the-art platform provides comprehensive guidance on navigating the contracting process with various life insurance carriers, ensuring you are well-equipped to meet diverse client needs. With up-to-date resources, forms, and industry insights, we simplify the complexities of multi-carrier contracting. Partnering with us offers you a one-stop solution for expanding your reach in the life insurance market, positioning you for long-term success and sustainability. Join us to elevate your career to the next level.

Legal Requirements for Life Insurance Contracting

 The crucial importance of complying with legal requirements in the realm of life insurance contracting. Our expertly crafted training modules focus on illuminating the legal nuances and mandatory regulations that every agent must adhere to in life insurance dealings. Utilizing our state-of-the-art educational platform, you’ll gain access to up-to-date legal documents, checklists, and best practice guidelines that ensure your operations are fully compliant with current laws and regulations. Partner with us to demystify the legal complexities of life insurance contracting and safeguard your practice against potential legal pitfalls. Stay informed, compliant, and competitive in the life insurance marketplace with Insure University.

Life Insurance Commission Rates for Agents

 We  provide guidance on optimizing life insurance commission rates for agents. Understanding your commission structure is key to maximizing your revenue, and our cutting-edge educational platform provides the tools and insights you need to negotiate the best rates with various life insurance carriers. Our tailored training modules cover the commission landscape in detail, from the basics to advanced negotiation techniques. Gain access to real-time data, industry benchmarks, and expert advice to ensure you’re getting the most out of every contract. Partner with us and empower yourself to secure the most lucrative commission rates, paving the way for sustained success in the life insurance industry.


How to Calculate Life Insurance Premiums

A specialized course centered on how to calculate life insurance premiums is available, enhancing your ability to optimize client consultations. Through our state-of-the-art educational platform, we provide step-by-step training modules that dissect the various components and variables that influence life insurance premiums. By mastering this essential skill, you not only enhance your ability to advise clients more effectively, but also increase your credibility and trustworthiness as an insurance agent. Get access to user-friendly tools, real-world scenarios, and industry insights that make the complex task of premium calculation both understandable and manageable. Partner with us to elevate your proficiency and offer unmatched value to your clients in the life insurance market.

Types of Life Insurance: 


  • Term Life Insurance : Term life insurance offers coverage for a fixed period, like 10 or 30 years, and pays out a death benefit if the insured dies within that term. It’s generally more affordable and doesn’t have a cash value component. The policy expires if the insured outlives the term, but may be renewable or convertible into a permanent policy. Often chosen for short-term financial obligations, such as raising kids or covering a mortgage.
  • Whole Life Insurance : Whole life insurance offers lifelong coverage with both a death benefit and a cash value component that grows tax-deferred. Unlike term life, it allows policyholders to borrow against or cash out the cash value. Premiums are generally higher and it’s often used for estate planning and wealth transfer, in addition to basic financial protection.
  • Universal Life Insurance : Universal life insurance offers a death benefit and a flexible cash value component. It stands out for its adjustable premiums and benefits. The cash value earns interest based on market rates or indices and can be borrowed against. Due to its complexity and flexibility, it’s often suited for those with diverse financial needs.


Please Choose The Carrier You Are Most Interested In.

We offer the top Life carriers so that you can provide the best plans and programs to your clients. All the Life carriers are listed down below, choose one to start your contracting journey.

Americo Contracting
Americo Contracting
Assurity contracting
Columbus Life Logo
Foresters contracting
Foresters contracting
National Life Group contracting
National western contracting
Royal Neighbors contracting
Transamerica Contracting
American Amicable contracting
Ameritas contracting
the baltimore life contracting
the baltimore life contracting
Gerber contracting
Transamerica Contracting
Nationwide contracting
Prosperity contracting
Security National contracting
Great Western contracting
AIG contracting
american national contracting
Nassau Re contracting
Fidelity contracting
Great Western contracting
Mutual of Omaha Contracting
National western contracting
Royal Arcanum contracting
Foresters contracting


Q1: How Do Life Insurance Commissions Work?

Life insurance commissions are generally how life insurance agents earn their income. Upon selling a life insurance policy, agents earn a commission which is usually a percentage of the policy’s premium. The commission rate varies depending on the carrier, the type of policy, and other factors. Some agents may also receive renewal commissions for keeping a policy in force in subsequent years.


Q2: How Can I Increase My Life Insurance Commissions?

Increasing your life insurance commissions often involves improving your sales techniques, expanding your client base, and possibly contracting with carriers that offer more competitive commission rates. Additionally, focusing on higher-value products and upselling additional features can also lead to higher commissions.

Q3: How Do I Become a Life Insurance Agent?

Becoming a life insurance agent typically involves obtaining a state license to sell life insurance products. This requires passing an exam that covers insurance basics and state-specific insurance laws. Once licensed, you can pursue life insurance contracting through various carriers to sell their products.



Q4: What Factors Influence the Earnings of a Life Insurance Agent?     

Several factors can influence an agent’s earnings, including the type and amount of policies sold, the commission structure, geographic location, and the agent’s sales skills. Agents who specialize in higher-premium policies, like whole life or universal life insurance, generally have the potential for higher earnings.