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Medicare Supplement Training – Medicare Supplement Training For Agents

Start Your Medicare Supplement Training And Marketing Guide Down Below

This sales guide goes over all the steps and processes to sell and enroll clients into a Medicare Supplement plan.

Medicare Supplement Training Starts Here…

Grab the BenaVest Medicare Supplement Training Presentation below.

What Is The Sales Process Flow?

Below is a summary of how the Sales Process Flow works. This process will help new agents become fully trained Medicare Supplement Sales Agents.

Grassroots Marketing

✓ Market To Potential Clients.

✓ Verify and Assist with Coverage On Part A & Part B.

✓ Complete NEEDS Assessment.

Carrier Contracts

✓ We offer a wide range of products to help guide agents in the proper direction.

✓ We provide many contracts, giving customers the best products and options.

Carrier Contracts

We provide and put agents on the right track for a diversified product portfolio. We have a wide variety of contracts to choose from, all with the goal of providing all products and options to consumers.

Sales Process

✓ Market To Potential Clients.

✓ Gather Leads With Online Assets.

✓ Complete Lead Closings.

New To Medicare Supplement Sales?

Start training today to get the full explanation of the Medicare Supplement sales guide. It provides the ten steps needed to get your Med Supplement sales knowledge on the right track. .

New To Medicare Supplement Sales?

For the full explanation of the Medicare Supplement sales guide, Start training today. It provides the ten steps needed to get your Med Supp sales knowledge on the right track.

Carrier Specific Training Information

Aetna Contracting
United American contracting
United American contracting
Nassau Re contracting
Americo Contracting
Medico contracting
National General contracting
Cigna Contracting
Mutual of Omaha Contracting
Prosperity contracting

Valuable Medicare Supplement Insurance Tools

Valuable tools discussed throughout the Sales Process Flow below including our tools for agents.

Medicare & You

Use the PDF linked below to learn more about getting started with Medicare Supplement. Find out how and when to get your new Medicare card, and recap on things like all the different coverage options and enrollment information.


Use the link below to get more in depth information about Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap). Learn about the Medigap policies, the different insurance plans that are not Medigap, and the different health care costs that are covered through Medigap.

Get Started Today And Get Your Medicare Supplement Training?

Get your training today and start your new journey into the Medicare Supplement insurance market