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Protective Annuity Training For Agents & Brokers

Protective Annuity
training available

BenaVest offers the best Protective Annuity training available! We have developed a huge database with trainings for many carriers and different lines of authority.


Protective Annuity training

Get the best Protective Annuity product training you need to succeed. BenaVest has all the information you need on the products you WANT to sell.


Protective Annuity sales training

BenaVest has all the tools you need to close every deal withProtective Annuity. Many times having the right tools are not enough, that's why BenaVest will show you how to use those tools and get you to sell!


Protective Annuity certifications

Get all the certifications you need to sell Protective Annuity insurance. There is no need to worry about if you are certified or where to get certified. BenaVest provides you with all of the certifications you need.

Why Choose BenaVest

No FMO Agency has a better combination of attributes!

Agent Marketing Platform – Lead Programs – Bonuses – Agency Builder Platform – Agent and Agency Contracts. Over One Million in Co-Op for the 2023 OEP. Check out our Agent Hub and Opportunity below, it’s AMAZING!

We provide top commissions through Protective Annuity to our agents and also have an Agency Builder Platform where agents can earn MORE than street rates.

We have worked with Protective Annuity for many years, and they have built a trustworthy relationship with us and are one of the most reliable carriers in the industry.

Protective Annuity has some of the best networks and competitive plan pricing in certain States and or Counties, Nationally!

Listen to what our agents have to say…

I have been working with BenaVest for several years. I have seen them go from a small company to where they are now and every step of the way they have managed to get better and offer more to me!


BenaVest Agent

BenaVest is an incredible company to work for! They have all of the resources I need to get work done! I have never needed to think twice about the software and resources I would need to succeed.


BenaVest Agent

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Agent Marketing Platform – Lead Programs – Bonuses – Agency Builder Platform – Agent and Agency Contracts. Over One Million in Co-Op for the 2023 OEP. Check out our Agent Hub and Opportunity below, it’s AMAZING!

Social Media

BenaVest has 100s of creatives designed for every niche in the industry for agents to lead customers to their custom landing pages.

Boost Local Searches

BenaVest’s SEO team will help your locally outrank competitors instantly in your market and get MORE calls and traffic.

Agent Website

Lead customers to your full-fledged website with modern web design layouts and a personalized call-to-action button.

Media Release

Our marketing experts will get your accomplishments picked up by media outlets like FOX, ABC, NBC, and many MORE!

Protective Annuity Training FAQs

We have all of your questions answered before you ask them

How do I start training with Protective Annuity products?

You can start your training directly from this page. Get contracted today with BenaVest and get access to all of the training you want.

What if I have questions about Protective Annuity agents and broker contracting or appointments?

Email Benavest at office@benavest.com or call 1(800) 893-7201 with any/all broker questions and the Contracting Team will get back to you as soon as possible.

I have a few agents and brokers I’d like to bring on board with me, does BenaVest offer agency contracts?

BenaVest offers agency contracts and partner agency levels. If you have some agents that you would like to bring on, you can make recruiting bonuses and override commission levels for all the agents you bring on (the recruiting bonus will only count for the first 3 agents onboarded but the override commission will count for any agent you bring in).

What are the commissions and bonuses for selling Protective Annuity plans?

Bonuses vary from year to year. Once you are appointed with a carrier all the bonus schedules will become available to you. The commission also varies by state, but BenaVest pays out top commissions for all carriers.

What are the commission rates for Protective Annuity?

Commissions can vary year by year and state by state. Visit our broker commissions pages to get our most updated numbers.

protective Commissions

Learn more about Protective commissions. At BenaVest we offer the top commissions for Protective. Whether you are an agency or an agent, you will get the TOP Commission in the industry.

protective Contracting

Insure University and BenaVest provide the best contracting suite for all brokers and agents. Our AI Broker and Agent Contracting system will keep you in the loop throughout the entire Appointment Process.


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One of the great things about BenaVest is the personalized website that you get! I have used it to contract agents under me and to collect a list of clients!


BenaVest Agent

BenaVest has always helped me when I have needed it most!


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