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Upcoming Health Insurance Trainings and Webinars For Agents & Brokers

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Our Health Insurance Training and sales guide goes over all the steps and processes to sell and enroll clients into health insurance plans.

Upcoming Trainings and Webinars for 2024

FREE Trainings and packed with the latest carrier information and tools.  Do not miss this opportunity to participate and expand your book of business!


Baltimore Life Sales Training Webinar

July 18, 2024 11 AM
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Mutual of Omaha Sales training webinar

July 23, 2024 11 AM




Aetna Dental and Vision Plans Training Webinar

August 1, 2024 11 AM
FREE Webinar

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Specific Carrier Health Insurance Training Information

Click on a carrier down below to get access to their specific Health Insurance Training information!

Valuable Training & Agent Tools

The Sales Process Flow includes valuable tools to benefit Insurance Agents’ time and
effort within OEP time constraints.

BenaVest Sales Script

All-in-one inclusive health insurance / ACA Insurance Inbound and Outbound scripts are provided in the sales process flow. This script will turn your health insurance business from zero to HERO.

The BenaVest Client Intake Form

This document will streamline your sales process and make room for more sales and less time gathering client information. This form helps you quote, move on to the next sale, and complete enrollments.

Healthcare.gov Search Engine

Healthcare.gov is the best place for agents and clients to search for any questions they have regarding ACA. They have many resources to help agents with any problematic situations. Whether it’s about COBRA, immigration, students, or anything else, Healthcare.gov has the answers

The Do’s and Don’ts of Health Insurance

Make sure you cover all the important steps about health insurance in our training. Avoid the most common mistakes agents make in health insurance. We offer a vast amount of online tools available to our agents for FREE to keep you on the right track to success.

Enrollment Options

Use a PDF to look over the enrollment options and election periods for all different kinds of clients. This information will help you and your clients decide what options they’re eligible for and when they should sign up.

Training Guide

BenaVest created a training guide below to learn more about CMS, client eligibility, different coverage options, our sales cycle, and all the other components that go into selling Medicare Advantage.

Valuable Agent Tools

✓ SSI Fact Sheet.

✓ Verification of Employment.

✓ Financial Information Release.

✓ Appointment of Designated Rep.

✓ Agent and Client Brochures.

Q1: How can health insurance training for agents and brokers improve client retention rates?

Health insurance training equips agents and brokers with the skills and knowledge to provide excellent service, which in turn improves client retention. Training modules often include:

  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Understanding Customer Needs
  • Tailoring Insurance Packages
  • Conflict Resolution and Problem-Solving
  • Ongoing Customer Support

By mastering these areas, agents and brokers can build strong relationships with clients, thereby increasing retention rates.

Q3: How does health insurance training differ for agents and brokers specializing in group vs individual policies?

Training for agents and brokers varies based on specialization. Those focusing on group policies learn about employer needs, compliance, and group packages, while those in individual policies focus on risk assessment and customizing plans. The core principles are consistent, but the focus differs based on the target market.

Q2: What certifications are particularly beneficial for agents and brokers undergoing health insurance training?

Several certifications can enhance the credibility and expertise of agents and brokers in the health insurance field:

  • Certified Insurance Service Representative (CISR)
  • Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU)
  • Registered Health Underwriter (RHU)
  • Certified Employee Benefit Specialist (CEBS)

These certifications provide advanced training and are recognized by the industry, making them valuable for career advancement.

Q4: How does carrier-specific health insurance training benefit agents and brokers in sales?

Carrier-specific health insurance training provides agents and brokers with in-depth knowledge about the products, services, and unique selling points of a particular insurance carrier. This specialized training often includes:

  • Detailed Overview of Carrier’s Product Line
  • Compliance and Underwriting Guidelines Specific to the Carrier
  • Sales Scripts and Techniques Tailored to the Carrier’s Offerings
  • Case Studies and Real-world Scenarios
  • Tools and Resources Provided by the Carrier for Sales and Customer Management

By undergoing carrier-specific training, agents and brokers can become experts in that particular line of products, enabling them to offer tailored solutions to clients and thereby increasing sales and customer satisfaction.

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